Case Review

The branding we carried out for Zona Burger focused on creating the ideal space to meet others passionate about real hamburger meat. We were inspired by a rustic image, very much in the backyard of the house, which gives the feeling of a real artisan burger, made with a passion for traditional flavors. All the textures and colors used to empathize with the community that enjoys a hamburger restaurant.


Project time
2017 November – 2020 Actual



Origin of the logo

For the logo, there was no more prominence than that of the brand’s star, the hamburger. That mustard color that dresses intentionally thought to provoke in the consumer the desire to try something succulent. A symbol was added to this that speaks of locating something specific, the placeholder, to generate a message: «hey, this is the flavor zone, come and try our product.»



Mustard | Brown

Placeholder and Burger


Vladimir Alvarado
«The guys from Snack provide excellent quality in the work they perform. They manage to understand the concept of what works. Project the idea at a level that allows your product to compete in the image with companies with more experience. It presents a complete range of designs; you will not need a designer. They have everything you need. They have the versatility to develop almost any product with the same excellence. Honest and humble people.»


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