Case Review

The process started with a great photoshoot, where we wanted to exalt two essential values of women, flirtation, and functionality. All branding responds to a need to bring a sense of entrepreneurship to women and make them feel empowered by wearing Wuari bracelets, bags, or purses. We did social media management based on vibrant, modern, and creative women. When making fashion design, we bet on youthful and fresh, highlighting the versatility of the garments.

Project time
2016 February  – 2020 Actual


Origin of the logo

The logo call to exalt the feminine spirit, the W needed to be the initial of the brand name (Wuari), and, when placed alone; we are evoking the word Woman, which opportunely extols the spirit of the brand, while accompanied by a heart, we symbolize the self-love of the fighting woman

Black | Coral


Patricia Camacho
Design ideas are creative, modern, and fresh. They understand communication trends and help your business adapt to them. They are fast and reliable! I would highly recommend them for all your design needs.

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