Case Review

We were in charge of designing the branding of this brand, and we dedicated to forging, from the client’s ideas and suggestions, a delicate, ethereal, and powerful image for personal motivation issues.


Project time
2020 – 2020 April


Origin of the logo

Starting from the premise that the heart is the center of the human being and the engine of life, and the butterfly, symbol of evolution and freedom par excellence; We made these the protagonists for the equitable development of the brand symbol. And so, we were able to make SOULMADE an image that people can trust.



Purple | Yellow | White

Butterfly and Heart

Angela Gruz
«I consider Branding a digital footprint and a reflection not only of my business but also a reflection of who I am as a person and what I want to project to my customers. Emmanuel Evans from Snack Creative Hub is a creative genius with an extraordinary ability to take a simple concept and turn it into a functional and aesthetically pleasing reality. He captures the essence with excellence and the highest professionalism.»

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