Case Review

For this brand, we designed the complete branding, putting as a priority the design of forms that represent the spirit of the product, to create the appropriate image, exalting the guarantee of quality and flavor.


Project time
2020 – 2020 April


Origin of the logo

Based on the anatomy of the coffee beans, we created the shape of flower of it, seeking to make a hybrid between both natural elements to give the brand an organic identity, fresh and in harmony with what they produce.



Blue | Brown | Beige | White

Coffee beans and flower


Luis Toledo y Gianna Gómez
«We decided to undertake a new project with the experience of both—Gianna in the area of Baking and Barism and myself as a furniture and construction industrialist. We wanted to create our own identity reflected from both that would identify with us. But we didn’t know how to start. In that, they knew how to guide us, giving us a clear and concise visual, competent professionals who fit your needs and budget.»


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