Case Review

The work was to do a Branding framed in the sophistication of the culinary event. Make the brand a symbol of elite pastry chef, where all the stationery of the brand evokes an exceptional line design of French cuisine; we can see this in the brochure made for the sale of the classic macarons, pure minimalist aesthetics that exudes elegance. We are currently in the creation of the website, where the sharp point is to exalt the fusion between two cultures, the French pastry, and the products of the Venezuelan Amazon.

Project time
2017 September – 2020 Actual

Origin of the logo

The creation of the Typographic Logo was inspired by elegant lines that evoke simplicity and majesty at the same time. The letters express the breathtaking breath of the high mountains of the Amazon, accompanied by the finesse of the symbol of the pastry whisk, which gives it an elegant and sophisticated touch.


Black | Coral | Turquoise

Manual whisk


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