Case Review

In this case, we did an exhaustive Personal Branding for Andrea Prieto, who is a successful dentist who graduated with honors and specialized in orthodontics. With Andrea, we highlight her personality, and we imprint it on her corporate image as a distinctive brand. The work carried out in the management of her social networks; we seek to exalt, fueling the young spirit that characterizes her and her empathy, professionalism in her area.

Project time
2017 September – 2018 March

Origin of the logo

The focus from the initial conception of the idea was, to express joy and kindness through the symbol, with a colorful touch. The task was to invite the patient, through the everyday use of the smile with orthodontics as the protagonist, to feel happy and confident in the specialist who treats him.

Blue | Purple | Fuchsia

Smile and Orthodontics

Andrea Prieto
«They changed my brand. Since I started working with you, not only did I get many more patients, but I also always receive good comments and interaction. Super recommended.»

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