Snack was established in 2013 by the audiovisual producer Antonietta Barreto and the talented graphic designer, Emmanuel Evans. We have a combined 15 years of experience giving Snack numerous gratifying professional moments. From delivering superb, timely execution, we consistently gain the trust of recognized brands. Simply put, they respect our distinctive flavor and value our results!

At Snack Creative Hub, we provide you with a highly qualified team with diverse talents, including various areas of digital marketing, graphic designs, and web development. Our core service mission includes empathy, commitment, and a value-centered approach. Not only do we stand by this, but we are united by it. Our passion for what we do and our attention to detail allows us to provide solutions devoted to the demands of each client.

We have more than 30, multi-lingual professionals housed in our offices in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, USA, and Spain. Our professionals offer distinct flavors of your choosing, making our Snack pack the preferred service provider that can fulfill the demands of any company.


Our professionals represent a unique flavor, made by excellent work. Each one makes our Snack a creative solution for your brand. They bring irresistible ideas that make a difference.

Salty, sweet, or healthy Snack? We are experts identifying your clients' preferences to captivate them. Favorite Snack: Brownie.
Antonietta Barrero
Social Media Director
Every time I bite into my favorite sweet, creativity increases, like calories. Favorite Snack: Triple Chocolate Cake
Reinaldo Navas
Content Creator
I give life to each place so you can enjoy your Snack with a unique concept. Favorite Snack: Reese's
Sandy Sierra

Food is an expression of love, and so must be perceived. Have content you fall in love with before the first bite. Favorite Snack: Everything with chocolate on it.
Helyana Chirinos
Community Manager

Preparation is essential; that's why we analyze, and optimize the best ingredients to make your campaign an irresistible Snack. Favorite Snack: 404 not found!
Gabriel Maza
Digital Campaigns
Listening to the clients is the key to offering a snack to suit them. Favorite Snack: 3 milk cake
Argelia Rojas
Commercial executive Peru
We are like a snack dispenser, you choose what provokes you, and by pressing the button, the flavor is at your fingertips. Favorite Snack: 3 musketeers
Emmanuel Evans
Creative Director
Snack? Yes, of course, better if it includes avocado, please! Favorite snack: Arequipe strudel
Ricardo Guevara
Manager Snack Paris

Creative processes are flexible and varied like gummies: sometimes they are sour and other times sweet, but in the end, they enjoyed. Favorite Snack: Jelly Beans, obvious.
Daniela Urdaneta
Graphic Designer

A good snack is one that awakens different emotions, and here we not only wake up, we also connect with your client's emotions. Favorite Snack: Tequeños
Gustavo O. Yaquers
Community Manager
A good snack and words are capable of sweetening the understanding and the heart. Favorite Snack: Quesillo.
Aryluc Rojas
Content Creator / Journalist
Just as our minds are full of ideas, in a bag of snacks there can be many of them; you just have to find the most suitable one Favorite Snack: Tortillitas Jacks
Sasael Gascon
Graphic Designer

A good snack is ideal for conversation; we like to create content that connects with your customers and generates positive comments. Favorite Snack: Carrot Cake
Laura Soto
Content Creator

I love the French Fries, Cheese, and Bacon Snack, that's how consistent your digital performance strategy will be on Google and Facebook Ads. Favorite Snack: Doritos
Julio Donoso
Digital Media Planner
Creativity flows better with a good snack. Favorite Snack: Onion Rings
Carlos Martinez
Community Manager

From A to Z, any Snack is my favorite. Picking one shouldn’t be a complication. We are here to help you be the best with real and reliable strategies. Favorite Snack: Iberian ham
Gabriela Docaos
Community Manager

Giving customers the best Snack is what motivates us to keep going. A good team always gives good results. Favorite snack: Pecan Pie
Alexis Guerrero
Commercial executive RD
The best flavor for an investor will always be profitability; it will be my job. Favorite Snack: Blueberry Muffin
Stephanie Opazo
Business Intelligence Analyst