Are you desperately seeking to express yourself? Ignite your creativity. Start a blog!

We bring you 10 STEPS to get you started as a successful BLOGGER.

For some, spending the whole day locked inside the four walls of their houses is turning out to be tedious and boring. Maybe you are doing activities so that each day has a reason or objective; clean, organize, exercise, etc. But, perhaps you feel like it’s not enough.

If you are one of those creative people who have always had the vein of imagination and communication at their fingertips, quarantine can be a beneficial state so that you can finally start turning your ideas into something that can be very beneficial.

Confinement does not have to be a negative thing, on the contrary, beat boredom and spend your hours activating yourself in the realization of a project that motivates you and makes you be a spokesperson for a subject that you are passionate about. A BLOG, for example, can be a very entertaining and positive way, both for you and for your future readers.

What is a blog?  It is a digital platform to express in writing some topic of collective interest that provides entertainment, information, training, and/or inspiration.

So if you are one of those who is tired of doing the same in this quarantine, try creating a blog and overflowing all your creativity, putting it at the service of a community.


  1. Choose a topic that you are passionate about. Start by specifying, according to what you like the most, the topic that you are going to talk about in your blog. We recommend that you write something that you enjoy so that the process is pleasant and fun for you.
  2. Focus on one thing. When writing on a blog, it is essential not to go overboard. If your niche is cooking, do not ramble in the area; talk about specific things, for example, the tastiest and cheap vegan recipes in the world.
  3. Be unique and interesting. Bring novelty to your entries; each written post should be a breath of freshness and authenticity in the area in which you specialize. It contributes to what others have not yet discovered.
  4. Include quality images. Illustrate your paragraphs with photos that are worth stealing, photos that provide that visual touch that attracts the reader so much.
  5. Make your blog EASY TO READ. Use short paragraphs instead of massive walls of text. Lean on the multimedia. Use a friendly and close writing tone.
  6. Attractive headlines. The title of your post has to be striking and instantly capture the interest of the reader. That title should bring particular interest. For example, it is not the same to say: the 15 best microphones on the market, to say: the 15 best high definition microphones, below $100.
  7. Line up with the problem. On the Internet, users arrive daily looking for solutions to their problems, align yourself with the reader’s question, link to that need.
  8. Present solutions. Your post should be a SOLUTION. Each post must respond to the needs of the community, be sure to give the best answers so that you are a preference.
  9. Write about what people are looking for. Search Google, which topics are the most discussed, search the most frequently asked questions, and be your spearhead in them.
  10. Promote your blog. Use your social networks to promote your blog. On Instagram, you can post a photo, followed by a striking copywriting, and then you make a call to action, putting the link of your blog so that they click there and have more content.

I hope this post has been useful. Remember to leave your comments, share it with those who have the desire to start a blog, and follow us on our social networks.

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